Massage Therapy

Whether you are in pain, recovering from injury, looking to de-stress or looking to improve sports or physical activity performance we can design a program integrating massage and manual therapy techniques to help you obtain those goals. Learn More.


Through a combination of massage therapy, manual therapy, corrective taping, and specific stretching and exercises we can assist you in recovering from both chronic and acute injuries. Learn More.

Personal Training

We can offer in-house and local YMCA training to provide you with completely one on one training time. This means that your program will be completely tailored to your current fitness level, and designed to assist you in progressing toward your desired goals. Learn More.

Kettlebell Classes

RD Athletics is proud to be the only kettlebell club training facility in the Brockville, ON and surrounding areas. We offer classes (times can be found under schedule) 6 days a week with both drop-in and membership based fee structures.Learn More.

Owner – Ryan Darling

RMT, PTS, B.Sc., M.Sc., Kinesiology

My name is Ryan Darling, I am a Registered Massage Therapist, personal trainer and have my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Kinesiology. My main areas of interest are strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, manual therapy, nutrition and all aspects of physiology. I have approximately 10 years experience in the above mentioned fields, with the majority of it falling under the domain of personal training. I have worked with a large variety of populations including varsity athletes, kids, elderly, injury rehabilitation patients, obesity, diabetes and a variety of neurological conditions. Read More.


The Gym

RD Athletics is housed at 18A King Street West, Brockville, ON directly above the family physiotherapy clinic on the second floor in the heart of the downtown region. With 10 and 20 foot ceilings, and a floor plan of 25 feet wide by 120 feet long we have one of the largest gym spaces in the Brockville area, and the only space to offer the length to do true sprint work. There are 2 fully equipped bathrooms for clients use as well. We are one of very few private training facilities, meaning space and equipment use is never an issue, and members get individual attention and direction.

Treatment Room

The treatment room is at the very front of the space with both a traditional massage therapy table and massage chair for seated work. It looks out onto City Hall and down into Blockhouse Island. We also have a traditional massage table in the main gym space to be used for quick stretching for clients attending our kettlebell classes.


We are the only Kettlebell club training facility in the Brockville and surrounding area, with 4 kilograms right up to 48 kilograms meaning we have the weights needed for any and all fitness levels. Kettlebells provide a highly unique and irreproducible training stimulus due to their build and how it allows them to be used for ballistic type training movements as well as traditional slower tempo work. In addition, we are also the only local facility with the Crossover Symmetry system which is a proprietary shoulder rehabilitation system used in major league baseball by almost every team.


"Ryan Darling created a personalized training program designed specifically for the multitude of sporting activities in my active lifestyle."

- Lee Sample, RD Athletics Athlete

"I am constantly impressed by how he integrates aspects of his education in Massage Therapy, Personal Training and Kinesiology to manage and modify his circuit stations to accommodate participants of every fitness level."

- Megan Plooy, Training Client

"For all the years I've been dieting and struggling with what I should do, it was refreshing to meet a professional with new and intelligently explained information."

- Jonathan Kidd, Training Client